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  My name is Alexzandra and I'm the author/owner of The Spectrum Post and Spectrum Business Development. Learning how to start and grow my own successful business changed my life and gave me the financial and personal freedom I craved as a successful small business owner. After 30 years I am now sharing everything I've learned, what worked and what didn't, and what you can expect next as we look forward to taking better care of our planet and each other. 

  Just below you will find a treasure trove of time and money saving tools and resources that The Spectrum Post and Spectrum Business Development use and recommend all in one place for your convenience and ease-of-use.  Simply click on any of the affiliate links below and you will  be taken directly to their site  where you can choose any of my favorite products and services that we use ourselves,  that are also the right choice for you and your business. I may receive commissions for purchases you make through these links which helps support our effort to continue to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners like you to start and grow your own successful business doing what you love.

AWeber is one of my top favorite tools for connecting with my audience and I have been using them for years!  AWeber is a powerful, yet easy to use  Small Business Email Marketing Essential with a team of experts standing by to help you.  They are also very affordable if you are just starting  out. I have been doing this for decades now, so trust me when I say, You Need AWeber!